Portrait with "Improved Reality"

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Portrait with "Improved Reality"


If you want to give me extra instructions like: "make me getting choked out by a jiujitsu cat" or "I want to be vomiting out a slimy mess of pokemon".
Want to look like one of the reptilian overlords that control our planet? You can! Welcome to the Inner Circle!

What to do!
1.Click on this thingy to commission one illustrated portrait of your face!

2.After paying, you will be asked for your email. Please type in the email address from which you will be sending your photo. This way I know you sent money!

3. Send a photo (from the address you entered when you paid!) to magar.portraits@gmail.com
Make sure it's a clear, well-lit representation of your face, since that's what I'm drawing.

I will draw your picture as soon as I receive payment.  I'll send it full-sized, in both PNG and JPEG format to the email address you sent the photo from.

Please don't send pictures of celebrities. That's against the rules, and the law or something. Also don't ask for pornographic drawings or Square Space will kidnap my family :(

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